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Your Neighbour Kills Puppies exposes the murky world of institutional animal exploitation, government collusion, corporate lobbyists, agent provocateurs, and police spies desperate to silence dissent. Responding to a broken promise by Prime Minister Tony Blair, and in the shadow of 9/11, a protest movement was formed, the power of which compelled Britain’s big-pharma giants to withhold all research investment. In the face of SHAC’s innovative tactics and daring-do attitude, Whitehall and Capitol Hill enacted draconian legislation, formed secretive anti-protest police units, created deceptive shell companies, enacted elaborate stings, and set historic precedent by providing banking and insurance to a private company.

For the first time, Tom Harris tells the complete inside story of this remarkable campaign, which fought to close Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), Europe’s largest and most exposed animal testing laboratory. From the harrowing details of undercover investigations to police spies, Japanese prisons, underground tunnels, and illicit animal rescues. This book hears from voices that have previously been silenced and takes the reader from the inception of a new form of activism to the brutal state response, which saw scores of activists violently arrested and imprisoned for over 80 years.

This book explores the activists’ motivations, their sacrifices, and their impact on the world. It also uncovers the reasons behind the state’s response, highlighting the involvement of New Labour’s unelected Minister for Science, biotech billionaire Lord Sainsbury. Threats from the pharmaceutical industry against GDP, spy cops ordered to protect investments over people, and the FBI’s fear that other movements might adopt SHAC’s radically effective strategies.

This is a must-read for anyone who has ever considered standing up against injustice. With Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion added to terrorism watch lists, the controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 curtailing protest, and anti-war activists facing conspiracy charges, the lessons of SHAC have never been more relevant. But more than that, this story will fascinate, excite, and move anyone attracted by the deep state, police drama, true crime, and the raw human spirit which compels ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.