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Thousands of lives to be spared as HLS’ legacy continues to crack!

The SHAC campaign brought Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory (Huntingdon Life Sciences, HLS) to the brink of bankruptcy on numerous occasions.

Though the state eradicated SHAC before a final victory, HLS never recovered. Instead, in September 2015, it merged with laboratory animal breeder Harlan to form Envigo, a massive chain of laboratories and breeders. However, this move did nothing to ease the financial pressure, and in 2017 Envigo was broken up. HLS’ old laboratories were sold to Covance (now LabCorp), several Harlan sites were sold to Marshall BioResources, and what remained was sold to Inotiv, who retained the Envigo brand.

Just as they had done with HLS in 1997, PETA sent an investigator inside one of Envigo’s US facilities in 2021 and witnessed horrific neglect and cruelty. The whole story can be read here. Federal agents acted with surprising efficiency, seizing hundreds of dogs and bringing legal proceedings against the firm. In June 2022, Envigo announced that it would be closing several of its sites across North America.

As HLS’ sordid legacy continues to crumble into dust, we hope that the entire archaic practice of vivisection will soon follow suit.